Auto logout user after certain minutes of inactivity

Consider a scenario that a user has logged in at the starting of the day but isn't working on the software for let's say 3-4 hours. Reasons can be various like working on mails, excel or maybe not working on the system at all. But still the license will remain blocked.

We have lets suppose purchased 10 user license but suppose 12-13 users are there. However, concurrently, only 8-10 users login depending on their shifts. But since the user logged in and didn't logout, the license is blocked.

To allow others users to login, in the license manager, seeing the user's ideal time, we logout the user's sessions.

But we want this to be automatic and post a certain timespan (lets say 30 minutes), I want the users session to be disconnected automatically.

Please provide us some automation tool where we configure the maximum ideal time and the system will scan the ideal time of users every 2-3 minutes and logout the sessions where limit is reached.

  • Sushil Agarwal
  • Feb 21 2017
  • Likely to implement
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