Daily site wise, vendor wise, item stock auto email report

Auto mail requirement request from Turtle.
1. Vendor wise item actual closing stock (considered settled & unsettled both) in excel format. Need in daily basis.


  • Site Name
  • Vendor
  • Division
  • Section
  • Department
  • CAT1 to CAT6
  • Barcode (Turtle Barcode as captured in OEM Barcode)
  • Closing Stock Qty.

Closing Stock Condition

Closing Stock <> 0 (This has specified by Turtle as they don’t know whether client has allowed negetive stock or not at their end).

Requirement Scenario
Actually Turtle use to sale their product as an outright sale to customer. Out of them, at few client side Ginesys is running. They want, this vendor wise closing stock using Turtle barcode to be sent to Turtle mail id from those customer where Ginesys is running.

  • Soham Banerjee
  • Feb 6 2017
  • Already exists
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