Regarding Discounts in GRC Module

Dear Team,

        There is regular practice in retail that the some vendors don't do the discount in the invoice we need to do manually through charge master, in such cases discounts will get proportioned and effects the effective rate if needed to the items that exists in GRC it is well and good when there is discount equally to all the items , but in some cases there would be variance in the discount to few items , in such case we exactly don't get the product Eff.cost and it also creates problem when returning such goods to the vendor he creates problem ,

Please Provide the solution to give discount to a particular item when it is done manually (CD or any Discount which is outside the bill) just like we give Manual discount in cash memo by selecting a particular Challan



  • Ajay Kumar Challa
  • Dec 29 2016
  • Unlikely to Implement
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