license user validation admin user - HO DB

As we've 'system' user at POS which run irrespective of number of license users available at the moment of login and allows admin user to log in for troubleshooting system configuration. Same concept is required at HO. where currently HO admin user checks number of available license at the moment. And doesn't allow admin user to login if number of user license are not available. This happens when all users are connected and admin users want to log in to check system config issues and manage modify configuration.

  • Harshad Kandalkar
  • Nov 10 2016
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  • Harshad Kandalkar commented
    15 Nov, 2016 05:05am

    When checked in  license manager, it do not show any connected users details.

  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    14 Nov, 2016 11:29am

    In order to validate the Logged User details you need not require to login in the Application. You can verify the same in License Manager which will not restrict you to login even if Valid Licenses is consumed.

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