Required concept of issuing alternative raw material at Job order level

Scenario: If user is raising a Job Order & in case any of Raw material is not available then Alternative Raw Material needs to be issued to proceed for Job order execution.

In such cases activity of changing Alternative Raw Material for each & every Assembly item is not practically possible. User need to edit single individual item by keeping track of alternative item’s stock quantity. Even for that Original items required quantity need to remember.

E.g. If a Job Order is being raised for one style number having 5 sizes with 5 different colors and alternative fabric needs to be issued for all of them, then in this case user need to modify 25 line items which is not practically possible.

Instead there should be provision available where in user can alter one entire Raw Material with substitute raw material in one go.



  • Amit Dharmadhikari
  • Nov 3 2016
  • Unlikely to Implement
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