Changes Required in Logistics module

  1. Multi LR tagging option required in Service Invoice.
  2. Search option in required in LR Document No field in LR Tagging window in Purchase Service.
  3. Both LR Entry Number / Date and Document Number / Date field to be shown in Service register report
  4. At the time of viewing a LR, wrong LR status is being reflected. LR status which is being reflected in the top right corner of the LR window will be same as status displayed in LR selection LOV. Even those LRs which have been received, are being reflected as Issued
  5. Need to reflect LR Invoice number and date in GRC against order 
  • Swati Todi
  • Oct 13 2015
  • Released
Released Version [For Internal use] 11.107.1
  • Apr 28, 2016

    Admin response

    Thanks for the idea, your suggested feature has been released. 

    Keep sharing your ideas.

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