Stockpoint wise simultaneous audit option is required

  1. Currently, when audit of a particular item is going in a particular stock point, then it won’t allow to select that item for stock audit from another stock point. Option is required where same item can be audited simultaneously in different stock points.
  2. Currently, if a Stock Audit Plan is active for one or more Division / Section etc, system does not allow creation of new item for that Division / Section. In presence of multiple warehouses, stock audit is an on going process. Due to this Item creation/modification gets delayed to a large extent.  
  3. For the stock point which is being audited, all entries should be allowed before and after activated date. And for other stock points, all entries should be allowed even on the activated date. 
  • Sushil Agarwal
  • Oct 8 2015
  • Released
Released Version [For Internal use] 11.102.0
  • Jan 29, 2016

    Admin response

    Thanks for the idea, your suggested feature has been released. Same items can now be audited in multiple stock-points simultaneously. 

    Keep sharing your ideas.

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