Margin Rule Assortment wise (like Price List)

Presently procurement pricing governs by Margin Rule but it is Article wise. Need option to define Margin Rule based on Item Assortment, similar like S&D : Price List.

  • Product Team
  • Nov 16 2015
  • Likely to implement
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  • Ravi Mishra commented
    11 Dec, 2015 02:43pm

    Along with Margin Rule definition at Assortment level there should be option to set RSP Rule which help to populate the RSP value automatically. Presently user has to calculate it manually and specify it own it won. Secondly they are open to specify anyvalye without any control.

  • Admin
    Product Team commented
    27 Nov, 2015 12:07pm

    Thanks for your request. We would like to see it gain in popularity amongst our customers, hence, we are putting it into the "Future Consideration" category. Thus, we will keep this idea open to gather additional feedback to track the level of interest within the community. We can easily revisit the status and prioritize it in the future if needed.

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