Changes required in Consignment transfer register reports


Sales & Distribution - Consignment - Register - Transfer Out Register

Sales & Distribution - Consignment - Register - Transfer In Register

  1. Need to provide an option to filter report data on the basis of state, state selection option required. 
  2. Need an option to reflect receive date of store in transfer out register. And sent date in transfer in register. 
  • Sushil Agarwal
  • Nov 5 2015
  • Released
Released Version [For Internal use] 11.104.0-1.104.0
  • Mar 2, 2016

    Admin response

    Thanks for the idea, your suggested feature has been released. Operator will now be able to view transfer report state wise, state filter has now been provided. Along with this store's receive/sent date will also be reflected in these reports. 

    Keep sharing your ideas.

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