Option to define return method user wise


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Presently, item population method can be selected while creating Sales Return. Need to provide the similar option at user level in profile setting. Options that needs to provided in profile setting are: 

1. Do Not Resolve Invoice
2. Resolve Invoice based upon FIFO
3. Resolve Invoice based upon LIFO
4. Select Invoice

  • Product Team
  • Nov 4 2015
  • Unlikely to Implement
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    Product Team commented
    2 Dec, 2015 07:29am

    In one company there should be only one policy, if some users are resolving invoices and some are not, this may reflect incorrect data. The policy option may be provided at company level or customer level, but it is highly to get implemented at user level. However, we will keep this idea open to gather additional feedback to track the level of interest within the community.

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